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Click here. Enter who sent you the message, your number, and your e-mail address and we will blacklist your number.

. If yours isn't listed contact us...we will have it up ASAP.

This matter completely on your provider. Some providers like ATT do not charge for incoming text messages, while others like Cingular charge for each one. At the same time it matters on your plan, some plans include a certain amount of text messages. Tmobile for example differs per plan. The providers that do charge usually charge 10 cents per text message, or have plans like 100 for $2.99.
Click on the login button. Type in your username and password and Voila. This is where you can access your text messaging link. You give this link (or URL) to your friends via email, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, or web page so that they can text message you.
Login. After you sign in you will see a "Change Registration Information" button. Click on this and you will be able to change all your information that you have submitted.
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