Important: We do not share your information with ANYONE. collects 4 pieces of information from its users. (1) Full name (2) E-mail address (3) Phone Number (4) Phone Carrier.

(1) & (2) are used for identification purposes. If you lose your password and want to recover it (1) and (2) are verified and the password is sent to the E-mail provided. This is the only way that username theft can be prevented effectively.

(3) & (4) are collected for obvious reasons. After all this is a where you can send text messages to your phone. Using this same logic we need your carrier and phone number to allow the text messages to be sent to the correct location.

Absolutely, Positively NO ONE. I have several e-mail accounts because I need to keep changing them because of all the spam I get. In no way would I ever subject any other living object to annoying element of spam mail. Don’t worry, here at we have better things to do then betray you and sell your information, it will be private, always and forever, on that you have my guarantee.
We have of course password restricted and limited access to this information. First its well hidden, and second it has many security features to prevent unauthorized access.
Once the user logs in they have complete access to their information and can correct the information using the control panel ? edit registration information. There they can change everything in sign-up except the username.

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